2015-2016 Season

Taney Basketball

Welcome to Taney Basketball! 2015-16 Marks Taney Basketball’s Sixth Season.

  • The WNBA girls’ program includes ages 8 to 13. There will be two divisions in the WNBA, an 8 to 10 Division and an 11 to 13 Division. Please note that all WNBA games will be played on a 10 foot basket. (8 year old girls have the option of registering for 5-8 Coed where 9 foot baskets are used)
  • There will be a beginning skill level “Big East” Conference within our 5-8 year old Coed Division especially designed for younger and/or less experienced players. The focus will be on practices, skills building, and drills only.  The Big East Conference will not play officiated games.

Online registration for the 2015-16 Taney Basketball League season begsn on October 15, 2015. Registration cost for this season is $105.00.  Scholarship information is available in cases of financial hardship. Please contact Jason King at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in Taney Basketball, or if you are interested in coaching or volunteering to help with league administration.

NCAA 5 to 8 COED – we are FULL, and have a small waiting list; you can still register your child, as we hope to place a few more players.
NBA 9 to 10 – we are FULL and we have a small waiting list; you can still register your child, as we expect to place a few more players
NBA 11 to 12 – we are Full, and are starting a waiting list. (you can still register, with full payment, as we expect to place players)
WNBA divisions – we are looking for more girls to register!!!

NBA 11 to 12 Division is now FULL, and we have a waiting list.  In order to place your child on the waiting list, please register with full payment. We expect to place several more players. If we do not find a spot for your child, your registration fees will be refunded in full.

Refund Policy:  Registration fees are NONREFUNDABLE unless the child is ineligible or cannot be placed


Taney Basketball will have gym time reserved and activities scheduled for Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons, and Friday evenings.  As currently planned, your team’s scheduled activities will take place at one of three locations in Center City Philadelphia:  Old Pine Community Center (4th & Lombard Streets), The Philadelphia School (25th & Lombard Streets) and Friends Select School (16th St & Race). Your team may have activities scheduled during any of these time blocks during the season, however we will not know the specifics until teams are formed.  There will be formal evaluations in November and teams will be formed in late November.  The basketball season will run from early December to early March.



Effective immediately, Taney Basketball will require payment in full for all registrations completed on or after November 16, 2015.  If you are registering between now and November 15, and you wish to apply for financial aid, please email [email protected] for details. Please note that ALL applicants for scholarships and financial aid must be approved and finalized by November 30, 2015, including payment of portions of the registration fee that are the parent’s responsibility, or your child will not be placed on a team this season.

NCAA Schedule for Weekend of 12/5-12/6/15:


Saturday December 5

1:30        TIGERS                                                  1:30        FIGHTING ILLINI
1:30        BLUE DEVILS                                       1:30        NITTANY LIONS
2:45        SEMINOLES                                        2:45        WOLVERINES
2:45        WOLFPACK                                         2:45        HAWKEYES
4:00        HURRICANES                                     4:00        GOLDEN GOPHERS
4:00        YELLOW JACKETS                              4:00        TERPS
5:15        TARHEELS                                            5:15        BUCKEYES
5:15        DEMON DEACONS                           5:15        SPARTANS


Sunday December 6


1:30        TIGERS                                                  1:30        FIGHTING ILLINI
1:30        BLUE DEVILS                                       1:30        HAWKEYES
2:45        TARHEELS                                            2:45        BUCKEYES
2:45        HURRICANES                                     2:45        NITTANY LIONS
4:00        DEMON DEACONS                           4:00        SPARTANS
4:00        WOLFPACK                                         4:00        GOLDEN GOPHERS
5:15        YELLOW JACKETS                              5:15        TERPS
5:15        SEMINOLES                                        5:15        WOLVERINES

Check out our 2013 All-Star Video:


Please register for one of the following Divisions:

5 - 8 year old Coed Division - NCAA 

Boys and girls who were at least 5 years old and no more than 8 years old on 8/31/15

This is Taney Basketball’s largest division, which typically fills to capacity and has a wait list.  Registrants in the NCAA 5-8 Coed Division will be divided, on a later date after evaluations, into three Conferences:  

  1. Big Ten - Officiated Games on 9 Foot Basket
  2. ACC - Officiated Games on 8 Foot Basket
  3. Big East - Practices, Skills Building and Drills; No Officiated Games*

*Five-year-old players (defined as players who were 5 years old on 8/31/14) must play in the Big East Conference only. The Big East Conference will consist of 5-year-old players and younger 5-8 players who are placed in the Conference by virtue of their evaluation.

Please note:

  • Online registration will be open for only a very limited time for 5-year-old players (defined as players who were 5 years old on 8/31/15). 
  • Placement of a player in a Conference is within the sole discretion of Taney Basketball.  
  • Siblings are not guaranteed placement in the same Conference or on the same team.


Girls 8-10 Division - WNBA 

Girls at least 8 years old and no more than 10 years old on 8/31/15. A 10 foot basket is used in this division

  • Girls who were 8 years old on 8/31/15 can elect to register for the 5-8 NCAA Coed Division, where a 9 foot basket is used. 
  • Girls who were 6 or 7 years old on 8/31/15 must register for the 5-8 NCAA Coed Division.

Girls 11-13 Division - WNBA

Girls at least 11 years old and no more than 13 years old on 8/31/15. A 10 foot basket is used in this division.

Boys 9-10 Division - NBA

Boys at least 9 years old and no more than 10 years old on 8/31/15. A 10 foot basket is used in this division.

Boys 11-12 Division - NBA

Boys at least 11 years old and no more than 12 years old on 8/31/15. A 10 foot basket is used in this division.

Looking forward to a great Season!

League Directors Brent Jordan and Jason King




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