Coaches, we welcome any input to help make this page and this website better and more useful to you. We have included important information regarding Contacts, Registration, Certification, Permits, Rules, Fields and Roster Management.


Once you have registered as a Manager or Coach, log in to Sports Pilot to obtain important information regarding your team.  You must be registered online as a Manager/Coach and assigned to a team in order to log in.
Click here for Coach Login
Log in with your user name and password. If you forget your password, follow the link to reset it. Be sure to log in as a coach with your username and password as the default may be your child's login. From the next page, you can view or update/edit your own information, and you can view your team information. You can add a payment (for example, a fair share donation or sponsorship) or print a receipt.
Click on "Taney Team Roster Report" to print or save a pdf of the rosters. As rosters are updated with players, coaches or sponsors, you will have the new information right away. Note the Sports Pilot program generates rosters for the whole league, not just your team, but you can print just your team's roster. You can also email Ellen J. Siegel for a pdf of your team's roster ([email protected]).  Do not use "Print Team Roster" as this is a different format with different information.
Click on "Manage Team Roster" to view the Player Information Report.
Click on "Detail Medical Release Form" for medical release forms pre-printed with the player's information. Parents need only fill out the insurance information and sign the form and return it to you.
You can email your team or individual players. Note you will be unable to attach documents to an email.  You also can create an events calendar, email it to the team, and update it during the season.

Background check forms - 2019 has new background check requirements. Your commissioner will forward the Information to you.  .

Season Calendar - please click here for the 2019 calendar.

Permits and Rules page - please click here to reach permits and rules (for AAA, Minor, Major, Tee-Ball).

Safety Guidelines - please click here.

Little League Age Determination Rules for 2019 - please click here.

Weeknight practices can begin starting March 18
All coaches can start regular weeknight practices beginning March 18; we do not have permits for the fields before then.

Weather conditions / field closures
After March 18, practicing at all fields is contingent on reasonable weather and field conditions. Coaches should use good judgment and respect any field closures communicated to TYBA by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

Scheduling weekend practices
Weekend practices can be scheduled until the season begins. If coaches want to schedule weekend practices, they can email Dewey LaRosa ([email protected]) with team name and the requested date, time and field for the practice.

Link to Little League Tee-Ball Division Manual (can be viewed on mobile devices:


To be eligible for TYBA intramural playoffs, a player must have played in at least the minimum number of intramural regular season games indicated below (depending on the total number of regular season games the player's team plays):

    10 game season -- at least 6 games

    11 game season -- at least 7 games

    12 game season -- at least 7 games

    13 game season -- at least 8 games

    14 game season -- at least 8 games.

The Commissioner of a league may grant a waiver from this rule in cases where a player missed games because of injury or medical condition. In considering a waiver request, a Commissioner may require information from the player's coach, parent or guardian of the injury or condition.

A player who is not eligible for TYBA intramural playoffs because of not having played at least the minimum number of games required above, also is not eligible to play for a TYBA tournament team.


1.6 Missed At-Bats (sick, injured, early departure)
If a player misses an at-bat, the team takes an “out” for the first missed at-bat. If a player misses a second at-bat, that player cannot play in the game, but no further “outs” are taken, subject to the minimum player rule above (i.e., if there are less than 9 batters, an “out” is taken for the missing batters). If you bat through your lineup, you can no longer insert a player.  So if you think a player is coming late, and you put them in your last spot, you essentially can go through almost two full cycles of your line-up before that player cannot play.

In order for a game to count toward a player's eligibility for playoffs or tournament ball, the player must be present for the duration of a game, from first pitch to last out.  Leaving early or arriving late does not count as a game played for purposes of eligibility.

Field etiquette:

1.  Arrival - If you are waiting for another team to finish their game so that you can begin yours:

a.  You are responsible for your group.
b.  Your players should not be warming up in an area which interferes with the game in progress.
c.  Your players should not rush the dugout or bench area at the conclusion of the game before you.  They should be congregated with you or your assistant waiting to be led to the dugout/bench area by you. 
d.  You and all of your players (coaches, parents, etc) should not be within twenty yards to the dugout/bench area until the coach of the team occupying it before you clears you to enter after his team has fully vacated the area.

2.  Departure -  If your game is concluding and other teams are waiting, you should:

a.  Advise your players to pack up immediately.
b.  Pack your stuff up immediately.
c.  Collect all trash from the dugout.
d.  Make sure that all of the equipment and any other property belonging to your squad is collected and not left behind.
e.  Direct  your team/parents to gather in another area of the facility for post game talks, activities and snack time.  (don't do any of this in the dugout area).
f.   Clear the next teams coach to take the dugout bench area once your players have vacated it.


All Managers and Coaches are required to register with TYBA through SportsPilot, our online registration program. Please follow the instructions below. Note that when registering as a Manager or Coach, you must use/create your own username and password; please do NOT use your child's or family account username or password.
Please click here to register yourself as a coach online
If you have registered as a coach before, and need to retrieve your user name and password, these can be emailed to you through SportsPilot after you enter your name and date of birth, or Ellen Siegel at [email protected] will email you your username and reset you password.
Select your child's league, and follow the online instructions to register.
If you are interested in sponsoring your child's team, there is an option to do this when you get to Checkout. If you decide to sponsor a team, you will need to enter credit card information at Checkout, or mail a check to us.
WHEN YOU GET TO CHECKOUT, use the drop-down menu on the right to select "COACH REGISTRATION ONLY - NO PAYMENT REQUIRED," and submit your registration.
Very important: Once you check out, you will see a screen confirming that you have registered as a coach. This screen will contain your user name and password. It is the only time your user name and password will be printed; it will not be emailed to you with your confirmation. The screen will look like this:
If you have any questions or experience any difficulties when registering as a coach, please contact Ellen J. Siegel, Registrar, at

Starting in 2018, all bats (Tee-Ball through Major League) must bear USA Stamp: 

The updated bat rule can be found here:

Please contact Taney Youth Baseball Association if you have any questions.

TYBA Philosophy and Rules of Conduct


All families should be aware of the TYBA Philosophy and Rules of Conduct.

For a copy of the TYBA Philosophy, please click here.

For a copy of the Rules of Conduct, please click here.



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