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Refund Policy - Baseball, Tee-Ball, Pee Wee
Please note that registration fees are refundable, minus a $10.00 service fee, until February 15th ONLY. After February 15th, all registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless a child is judged ineligible.
TYBA Rules of Conduct
We urge all coaches, parents and players of appropriate age to review the TYBA Rules of Conduct. Please see our Philosophy page (under Our League) to do so, or click here. Thanks to all coaches and parents for doing your part to make sure our children have an enjoyable experience this Spring.

Taney Baseball

Registration for Spring 2019 is NOW OPEN!

2019 is the 26th season of Taney Baseball! We have been offering "fun, instruction, good sportsmanship and teamwork" to Philadelphia youth since 1994. In 2018, TYBA offered Baseball and Tee-ball to almost 1,000 boys and girls from 3 to 16 years old, and Basketball to over 550 boys and girls from 5 to 13 years old. In 2014, the Taney Dragons were the Little League Mid-Atlantic Champions, advancing to the semi-final round of the Little League World Series! Baseball is one of the best sports to place wagers on. Good observation of the game and detailed research of the players can help bettors to win their bets. However, they must choose reliable sites to place wagers. Visit https://www.wette.de/wettanbieter/ to find the best betting sites available in 2022.

Please be aware that our season extends until June 15, 2019, even though both public and private schools end earlier

To register your child, please go to our Registration page

Eligibility for Playoffs and Tournament Teams

Taney Baseball is now a proud member of Little League!  We are also now subject to Little League eligibility rules. Effective immediately are the following two new eligibility rules, for baseball (ages 7-12) and softball (ages 9-13) players:

1. To be eligible for TYBA intramural playoffs, a player must have played in at least the minimum number of intramural regular season games indicated below (depending on the total number of regular season games the player's team plays):

    10 game season -- at least 6 games

    11 game season -- at least 7 games

    12 game season -- at least 7 games

    13 game season -- at least 8 games

    14 game season -- at least 8 games.

The Commissioner of a league may grant a waiver from this rule in cases where a player missed games because of injury or medical condition. In considering a waiver request, a Commissioner may require information from the player's coach, parent or guardian of the injury or condition.

2. A player who is not eligible for TYBA intramural playoffs because of not having played at least the minimum number of games required by Rule 1 above, also is not eligible to play for a TYBA tournament team. Be updated with such information about players, the status of matches and teams, and bets on the players if you’re interested. For betting, you can refer to https://www.basketballinsiders.com/fl/ site and find reliable betting sites with exclusive offers.

Please note the following clarifications:

In order for a game to count toward a players eligibility playoff or tournament ball), they must be present for the duration of a game.  Leaving early of arriving late does not count as a full game.

If a team bats through the lineup once, a late-arriving player u can no longer be inserted into the lineup.  

If you would like your baseball or softball player to be eligible for playoffs (all teams) and/or a summer tournament team (by tryouts only), please be mindful of the minimum number of games required. Thank you.


For the first time, Taney Baseball is offering Tee-Ball and Pee Wee Training Clinics for PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN! 

We are offering these on two different Saturdays (take your pick!), roughly grouped by family last name

Saturday, April 27, 2019:

3:00 pm for last names A through M (Pee Wee and Tee-Ball parents and children)

4:00 pm for last names N through Z (Pee Wee and Tee-Ball parents and children)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

9:00 am for last names A through M (Pee Wee and Tee-Ball parents and children)

10:00 am for last names N through Z (Pee Wee and Tee-Ball parents and children)

If you can't attend during one of your two scheduled times, please feel free to attend another time.

All clinics held at Taney (Markward) Field



Glove - Black youth 11-inch Rawlings glove at FDR 3, 5/20/19 see photo below. Currently in Puma equipment bag

Bat Drop 13 Easton Beast Bat. 26” 13oz found at FDR 2 on Saturday 5/4/19; contact the Steelheads coach.

Glove laying in middle of Front street Thursday night (4/4/19) about 8:00 pm outside Shot Tower field. Says Snyder on it

Bat found on Opening Day (4/6/19) at FDR Field.  


Black/blue, and red Wilson Bandit baseball glove (11.5"), lost Saturday 4/27 at FDR during the Swordfish-Barracudas 5 PM game. The Initials LWC are written on the glove. 

Sneakers lost at FDR 4/28/19 

Maroon captain's chair and blue Coolibar umbrella, lost on Sunday, April 14 at FDR 2

Well worn dark brown baseball gloveHas name GIAMPETRO on it. Lost at FDR 3 on Tuesday, 4/9/19. Glove is over 40 years old and a memento.

Adidas boys baseball glove, brown leather with digital camouflage fabric parts, conditioned. Went missing after the Tigers/Lions game at Shot Tower field on April 6, 3pm. Please call Elizabeth 267-683-1080.

Left-handed child's glove and new Taney hat lost on 4/7/19 (Sunday) at Taney Field (3:00 pm game, Meteors). Please email [email protected]

Black Taney baseball cap with green logo (Steelheads) lost Sunday, 4/7/19 at FDR-2. Hat has a "JL" on the inside white tag.


Blue North Face sweatshirt (adult size) at the field on Taney Street on 4/7/19.  Belongs to a family with a child on the Leopards (AAA), and it was left hanging over the fence on the dugout (on the dugout closest to Lombard Street) during the 1:00 game on Sunday.

Blue and white baseball glove (worn on the left hand) that was left at the evaluations at TPS; has the name Connor on the top side. 


Contact us: [email protected] to claim a found item or report a lost one.



Taney Youth Baseball Association   -   744 South Street Box 133, Philadelphia, PA 19147   -   [email protected]   -   (267) 713-8838