2018 Baseball and Tee-Ball Commissioners

Major League Commissioner


Lou Cammisa [email protected]

Minor League Commissioner


Tim Creech  [email protected]


AAA Commissioner


DeWitt Brown  [email protected]

Tee Ball Commissioners Mary Grace Bernardo  marygracebernardo@taneybaseball.com 

Bobby Wu  [email protected]

Pee Wee Commissioner


Amy Branzuela [email protected]


Other Contacts

Tournament Teams Lou Cammisa [email protected]

Uniforms Don Winthrop [email protected]

Dewey LaRosa [email protected]

Equipment Lou Cammisa [email protected]

Fields & Scheduling            

Dewey LaRosa [email protected]

Umpires Lou Cammisa [email protected]

Registration Ellen Siegel [email protected]


Basketball Director                                    

Jason King [email protected]           

2018-2019 Basketball Commissioners


 Big East Commissioner   Todd Lane    [email protected] 
 NCAA Commissioner   David Inscho   [email protected]
 Boys 9-10 NBA Commissioner   Brian Duffy   [email protected]
 Boys 11-12 NBA Commissioners   Pat McKenna
Libbi Skivo
  [email protected]
[email protected]
 Girls 8-10 WNBA Commissioner    Daniel McKenna   [email protected]
 Girls 11-13 WNBA Commissioner    Michael Carrier   [email protected]
 Basketball Director   Jason King   [email protected]


Board of Directors 2018-2019

Executive Board

Dewey LaRosa, President
[email protected]

Lawrence Copeland, Vice President

Don Winthrop, Treasurer
[email protected]

Ellen Siegel*, Secretary
[email protected]


Leo Addimando
[email protected]

Amy Branzuela
[email protected] 

DeWitt Brown
[email protected]

Lou Cammisa
[email protected]

Tim Creech

Jason King
[email protected]

Alex Rice
[email protected]

Nick Volpe

Honorary Board Members

Bob Hyland**
Miguel Nuila*
Jane Frankel*
Steve Rosenzweig*
Linda Rosenzweig* 
Tracy Smith 
Rick Winward 

* Founding Member


Contact Us

744 South Street, Box 133
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(267) 713-8838
[email protected]



Taney Youth Baseball Association   -   744 South Street Box 133, Philadelphia, PA 19147   -   [email protected]   -   (267) 713-8838