Welcome to the Bob Hylandwebpage. Here we hope you will help ushonor our friend Bob Hyland, who passed away on October 2, 2011 at the age of 49. Bob was the heart and soul of TYBA, a man who truly cared about allkids, from the most skilled veteran to the newest beginner. He dedicated much of his too-short life to making TYBA hum so smoothly. He will be impossible to replace.

We ask that you help us make this webpage a living testament to Bob Hyland. Send us your memories to post below for others to seehow Bob touched all of our lives. Wehope to post the very eloquent eulogies offered at Bob's funeral. Let us know what you would like to see on this site so all of uscan return to it again and again as a living reminder of the legacy of Bob Hyland

TYBA is honoring Bob's legacy in several important ways. We placed his initials, "BH", on all Taney Basketball and Baseball uniforms for a season. We worked with the Department of Recreation to install a bronze plaque in Bob's name at Taney (Markward) Field. And, as discussed below, we have established the Bob Hyland Memorial Fund.


To honor Bob's legacy, the TYBA Board of Directors has contributed $30,000 to establish the Bob Hyland Memorial Fund. The Fund seeks donations from the Taney community and beyond to continue in Bob's name his lifetime of service and commitment to Taney children. 100% of Fund donations (less only on-line processing fees) will be used to support endeavors consistent with the Taney mission and philosophy, specifically scholarships and financial aid, so that every child can participate. No Fund donations are used for Fund administrative expenses. 

Donations to the Fund can be made while registering your child (or yourself as a coach). Simply select an amount to donate. One option is to "Scholarship a Player," where you completely sponsor a child's full registration fee. 

Although Bob is no longer with us, his legacy will live on through the Fund and its steadfast efforts on behalf of Bob and all of our children. Thank you so very much for being a part of his legacy.


The In Memoriam below was posted by TYBA President Tracy Smith shorly after Bob's passing on October 6th:

IN MEMORIAM - BOB HYLANDOn Thursday October 6th the Taney community said goodbye to one of its staunchest supporters. Robert M. (Bob) Hyland, pictured above, passed suddenly on October 2nd, leaving us stunned and confused. As our grief slowly subsides and we reflect on our time with Bob, it quickly becomes clear how much he meant to each and every one of us. The turnout at his service was all the proof anyone needed. I borrow a line from another of Bob’s friends: “He had a way of letting you know how much you mattered.” I just hope he knew how much he mattered to all of us.

His memorial service was everything that he would hope it could be. Rather than focus on our grief, his family and friends truly celebrated the life of the man. The heartwarming stories told by his brother Mike, Aunt Jule, son Michael and friend Harry Roth caused each of us to think of that time when . . . . Bob had a way of sharing that special moment with so many people.

Bob loved Taney baseball and showed us every day before and during the season just how much. His tireless efforts helped keep our engine chugging. There were many early mornings I would see Bob and think that he must have slept in the Taney shed. He just gave so much of his time it was hard to keep track or keep up. Warts and all, Bob embodied what youth sports are supposed to be about - the kids.  We have all had occasion where we forgot that but Bob was never shy about reminding us.

For some of us who worked alongside Bob it was difficult to imagine what drove him so hard and kept him around for so long. His love for baseball notwithstanding, I have come to believe that Taney was his thread that kept it all together. His link to the community he loved so much and the people he wanted to be around. For that, we have all reaped the benefits.

As we start to plan our next season we will discuss the ways in which we will honor Bob’s memory. In the meantime we all have a chance to honor Bob in the only way he would want, make an effort to let someone know that they matter.

With warm regards on behalf of the Taney Board of Directors

Tracy Smith


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