Taney Youth Baseball Association (TYBA) is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation created to provide youth baseball and tee ball to children ages 3 through 15.

TYBA is organized exclusively for charitable, literary, scientific, religious and educational purposes provided for under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  TYBA offers youth baseball, softball and tee ball in Philadelphia with its primary activities centered at Markward (Taney) Recreation Center (Taney & Pine Streets), Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater Streets), Shot Tower Recreation Center (Front & Carpenter Streets), FDR Fields (1500 Pattison Avenue), Columbus Square Recreation Center (12th & Wharton Streets), and Starr Garden Recreation Center (6th & Lombard Streets).  TYBA also uses other Department of Recreation and private fields.

We are an instructional league, with an emphasis on teaching baseball fundamentals, good sportsmanship and teamwork over competition and wins and losses.  We encourage all players to do their best, improve their skills, and be good teammates.  We seek coaches who will help players develop a positive attitude about the game, their teammates and opponents, and coaches and umpires.  We invite parents to be a part of the Taney Baseball community by coaching, sponsoring a team, or just helping out at practices or games.  Taney Baseball is a wonderful opportunity to "give back" to your community while enjoying time with your child.  No smoking or alcohol use is permitted at any games, practices or league activities.

A Note To Coaching Staff
Please encourage your players at every opportunity.  Emphasize positive and constructive comments, helping the children to feel good about themselves and about playing sports.  These players are young; while enthusiastic, they often need significant help learning the skills and rules of the game.  Also, remember that you are a role model for them.  Please refrain from profane language or derogatory comments about players, other coaches or officials.  Show, by example, that you respect the judgment and position of authority of the umpire.  Competition is important to the older players, but should not dominate over learning and enjoyment.  Help teach the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, loyalty and discipline.  And remember, you are here to have fun, too.

A Note To Parents

These players need your support and encouragement.  We hope you will cheer at all games, support your team, and refrain from negative or discouraging comments about players, coaches or officials.  Players are here to have fun and learn the skills and rules of baseball.  Please support them!  Please help your child to attend practices and games on time.  Help your player's manager or coach in any way you can.  Become involved in TYBA - this not only helps to make the league successful, but sets an example to the children by your involvement, participation and community responsibility.  If you have concerns, please discuss them with your child's manager or coach.  General concerns about the league can be addressed to your Commissioner or the TYBA.  All parents and community members are invited to attend Board meetings.  Please contact us at [email protected] for information if you are interested in attending the next meeting.


Rules Of Conduct

The following acts are prohibited for parties to TYBA activities, including managers, coaches, players, parents or spectators:
1.  Words, displays or other acts of provocation or intimidation, including curses or taunts.
2.  Words, displays or other acts intended to distract or demean another party, other than positive chants, cheers, applause, and similar encouragement.
3.  Nuisance or other inappropriate acts that interfere with or disrupt the game, practice or other TYBA activity.
4.  Smoking or use of any alcoholic beverages at games, practices, or league activities.
Prohibited acts may be addressed by the following authorities: game umpire, league commissioner, team manager, any game coach, or TYBA Board member.  Prohibited acts may be punished by any of several actions, including but not limited to the following:
1.  Player is out
2.  Suspension for the inning
3.  Ejection from the game
4.  Forfeit of the game
5.  Suspension from the league for up to the balance of the season
6.  Expulsion from the league
An umpire has the power to eject any player, manager, coach, parent or any person associated with a team who does not conduct himself or herself in a proper manner.  The offending party must vacate visual proximity of the playing field.  If the offending party does not vacate visual proximity of the playing field, the team with whom the offending party is associated will forfeit the game.
Prohibited acts that occur in practices or other league activities may be punished by actions including, but not limited to, the following: a manager sitting a player on the bench during practice, a manager suspending a player for part or all of the next game or games, or TYBA suspending or expelling a player from the league.
Appeals may be made to the league Commissioner, and then to the TYBA Board.  No punished party is entitled to any prior notice or hearing, except if the punishment is suspension for more than one game or expulsion from the league.  In that case, except in cases of emergency or immediate risk of injury or damage, the punished party will be provided with notice of the intended punishment.  This notice will include:
1.  A written description of the prohibited act
2.  The opportunity at least two days after the notice to have the proposed punishment be reviewed by a higher authority.

You can also find a downloadable copy of the Rules of Conduct here.

Please contact Taney Youth Baseball Association if you have any questions.


Taney Youth Baseball Association   -   744 South Street Box 133, Philadelphia, PA 19147   -   [email protected]   -   (267) 713-8838